GTT Strategic Ventures Invests In, Championing Digitalization In Bulk Shipping


  • GTT Strategic Ventures, the investment arm of the GTT Group, announced today its investment in, a Finnish maritime software company specializing in digitalizing scheduling and chartering processes for bulk shipping.
  • This investment is made alongside Counterview Capital, Lifeline Ventures, and Tesi.

Headquartered in Helsinki, leverages its expertise in artificial intelligence, industry best practices, and machine learning to empower shipping companies with optimized scheduling and pre-fixture processes. Their cloud-based solution offers real-time management of cargo and fleets, enabling users to maximize Time Charter Equivalent (TCE) and overall profitability.

Beyond Planning: Strategic Decision-Making goes beyond basic planning features by offering scenario simulation tools. These tools empower shipowners and charterers to make strategic decisions by evaluating the impact of various options on costs and operational performance. Furthermore, the platform facilitates real-time collaboration between chartering teams and fleet managers, streamlining communication and planning for multi-port, multi-order voyages.

Environmental Benefits of Digitalization’s solutions contribute to environmental sustainability within the maritime industry. By reducing port times and minimizing ballast voyages, the platform helps shipowners and charterers decrease emissions.

Data-Driven Efficiency equips companies with accurate estimates of voyages and associated costs. This is achieved by leveraging historical data and updated forecasts, allowing for efficient resource management on a per-voyage basis.

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Source: GTT