Gusty Winds Collides Car Carrier with Container Ship



On Saturday, a car carrier reportedly collided with a container ship near Germany.

What happened?

The car carrier City of Amsterdam collided with container ship Conmar Bay at Kiel Canal near Breiholz in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

According to the water protection police in Brunsbuttel, the accident occurred around noon on Saturday and no-one was injured.

Collision occurred due to winds:

Both the vessels were transiting through the North-Baltic Sea Canal in opposite directions, but the gusty winds (force 9) pushed the car carrier City of Amsterdam on a crossing route with the container ship.

Both vessels were unable to manoeuvre on time and prevent the accident, so the container ship rammed the port board of the car carrier.

Several containers from the box ship Conmar Bay fell overboard and both vessels suffered breaches but remained afloat without reported water ingress.

Vessels suffer damages:

During the accident, the car carrier was en route from Malmo to the North Sea. After the collision, the ship received about 50 m breach on the port board.

The container ship Conmar Bay was en route to Helsinki. The vessel suffered breaches in the fore pack and damages on some containers.

Brought for repairs:

The car carrier was brought to Rendsburg with the help of the Hamburg tug Bugsier 18, while the container ship Conmar Bay proceeded under its own power to Kiel for special survey and inspection, mooring at the North Harbor.

Both the cargo ships were detained and banned from continuing their respective voyages until further special survey and inspection by the water protection police and experts of the Berufsgenossenschaft Verkehrs.

An investigation has been initiated to determine the root cause of the accident.

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Source: Kieler Nachrichten


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