Hackers Get Away With 565,000 Euros



Hackers presenting themselves as the regular African fuel suppliers of the Limassol-based shipping company managed to swindle away 565,000 Euros (about 644,100 U.S. dollars).

The shipping company in its police complaint said that they received an email from their regular fuel suppliers asking them to remit the due amount.  The email also requested them to remit the amount to a different bank account instead of the regularly used one.

The unsuspecting Limassol-based shipping company remitted the amount due in two tranches on July 28th and 29th respectively, as per the email instructions.  They were oblivious to the fact that they had been scammed until they received an email from their original suppliers asking for payment of dues.

Cyber crime police have traced the money to Poland.  Cypriot police with the help of Interpol are hopeful of apprehending the hackers.

Source: Xinhua