Hanseaticsoft Launches CFM Accommodations & Emergencies To Help Shipping Companies


According to an article published in Hanseaticsoft, Hanseaticsoft has launched ‘CFM Accommodations’ and ‘CFM Emergencies’ within its fleet management system, Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) to help ship managers better plan and allocate their crew’s accommodation, and to provide crew with detailed instructions on how to respond effectively in an emergency.

CMF Accommodations App features

The CFM Accommodations app offers a time-efficient and accurate way for ship managers to organise the cabins for crew members and create a central digital overview of all cabins and bunks on board, so they can easily keep track. Managers can see where to assign cabins and bunks, manage tasks such as cleaning and maintenance, while the system automatically takes work shifts into consideration.

Prior to a voyage, managers simply select crew members, define the duration of their stay, and assign them to cabins and bunks, preventing any double occupancy or errors. They can check cabin and bunk status immediately and see if they are occupied, available or if a check-in or check-out is coming up or even overdue. When selecting a seafarer, the lifeboat he/she was assigned to via CFM Emergencies is also displayed.

CMF Emergencies

The CFM Emergencies app enable managers to prepare for different emergencies at sea, so they can provide crew with detailed instructions on how to respond effectively in a real emergency. In line with both SOLAS and MARPOL, managers can define different categories of emergencies and their corresponding tasks as well as define if they are mandatory or not.

The location of where the task needs to be carried out can be defined as well, so that crew are immediately aware of what to do and where to go. Each task can be allocated to specific seafarers and if a mandatory task has not been assigned, the system will automatically highlight this.

For cases where the crew needs to abandon ship, CFM Emergencies allows the management of lifeboats and the central assigning of crew members to them, automatically checking that no lifeboat is overbooked and highlighting any conflicts on the dashboard.

Managing Director’s Points

Alexander Buchmann, Managing Director, Hanseaticsoft said, “We are continuously upgrading Cloud Fleet Manager, adding new functionality, enhancements and improving the overall usability of the platform. These latest features enable the fast and uncomplicated administration of crew allocation on board, as well as the straightforward management of emergency protocols and life boats.”

Software advantages

Cloud Fleet Manager is web-based and can be used without any installation. It centralises all information and makes insights available for all employees as well as crews at sea.

Operators can gain a complete 360-degree overview of their fleet and entire operations, plus get rid of data silos and data being replicated in different systems. This facilitates better information exchange between crews on the ship and employees on shore.

The software suite comprises close to 40 applications including; Purchase, Inspections & Audits, Schedule & Agents, Crewing, Charter, Risk Assessment, and Maintenance.

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Source : Hanseaticsoft


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