Hanwha Ocean Committed To Advancements In Green Tech, Naval Ships


Hanwha Ocean has recently intensified its endeavours in eco-friendly shipbuilding and offshore engineering, alongside advancements in technology within the global maritime defence market, the company announced on Monday.


With the aim of becoming a global ocean solutions provider, the shipbuilder has automated its shipyard on Geoje Island in South Gyeongsang Province, while developing various eco-friendly products and technologies in response to tightening global environmental regulations.

Naval ship powerhouse

As a naval ship powerhouse with over 40 years of experience in submarine construction, the Hanwha Group subsidiary has also tried to revolutionise the global maritime defence market by surpassing its rivals in technology.

In 2011, when it was known as Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, the shipbuilder exported three domestically developed submarines to the Indonesian Navy, making Korea the world’s fifth country to export submarines.

After its delivery of a 3,600-ton KSS-III submarine to the Republic of Korea Navy in 2021, Hanwha Ocean caught the attention of Poland, Canada and Middle Eastern countries, as the submarine is equipped with advanced combat management systems and sonar, which ensures full interoperability with allied forces, and with automated systems, which allow its operation with only a crew of 33, thus providing improved habitability.

Expanding Companys

The company has also been expanding its presence in the surface combatant market, since it started building warships for the ROK Navy in the early 1980s.

Based on its extensive experience in designing and building surface vessels for the ROK Navy, Hanwha Ocean successfully delivered surface combatants to Bangladesh and Thailand, and a training ship to Malaysia.

It is also engaged in developing more advanced FFX-Batch-III frigates, equipped with Hanwha Systems’ latest S-band AESA radar and combat management system. The company plans to deliver two FFX-Batch-III frigates to the ROK Navy by 2028.

Aligned with the ROK Navy’s Navy Sea GHOST vision for unmanned naval operations, Hanwha Ocean is also pioneering the development of innovative unmanned underwater vessels.

The company explained that this initiative is a collaborative effort with the ROK Navy and the Agency for Defense Development, underscoring Hanwha Ocean’s commitment to reshaping the future of naval warfare and defense technologies.

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Source : Koreatimes