Hanwha Ocean’s Global Defense Ambitions And Innovations

Credit : Fujian shipping

Explore the cutting-edge research and innovation happening at Hanwha Ocean’s R&D Institute in Siheung, South Korea. From reducing submarine noise to propeller advancements and autonomous navigation, discover how this facility is shaping the future of maritime technology. The source.

  • Hanwha Ocean’s Acoustic Water Tank focuses on reducing submarine noise for enhanced stealth, aligning with environmental conservation efforts.
  • The world’s largest Cavitation Tank at the Siheung R&D Institute pioneers noise-reducing propeller technologies.
  • Hanwha Ocean’s investment in advanced research facilities and technology positions them to lead in autonomous navigation and global defense markets.

Silent Navigation for Submarines

Discover Hanwha Ocean’s colossal Acoustic Water Tank, a vital research facility dedicated to reducing underwater noise emitted by submarines. Its unique design and the Masker-Air System contribute to minimizing sound reflections and enhancing stealth.

Advancing Environmental Conservation and Compliance  

Beyond military applications, this facility aligns with international environmental conservation efforts. Research to reduce underwater noise is not only crucial for submarines but also for meeting international regulations that protect marine ecosystems, including commercial ships.

World’s Largest Cavitation Tank for Propeller Noise Reduction

Explore the world’s largest Cavitation Tank at the Siheung R&D Institute, where innovative technologies employing air bubbles to dampen noise generated by propellers are developed. Its size and capabilities make it a global leader in research.

Towing Water Tank for Performance Testing and Innovation 

Hanwha Ocean’s Towing Water Tank, matching the world’s largest dimensions, plays a pivotal role in testing ship resistance, movement, and steering. Advanced technologies, such as 3D printing, are used to streamline ship model production and enhance performance testing.

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