HAROPA PORT’s Expansion Promises Sustainable Growth

Credit: Nathan Cima/Unsplash

HAROPA PORT, a leading French port complex, is on the verge of a significant transformation as it ventures to create a cutting-edge multimodal logistics hub near the vibrant city of Paris. This strategic move is poised to fortify France’s green logistics corridor and enhance regional and national connectivity, with MEDLOG leading the charge in this ambitious endeavor. The container-news source.

  • HAROPA PORT near Paris expands to create a green multimodal logistics hub along the Seine, boosting rail and river traffic.
  • MEDLOG, a logistics powerhouse, wins the bid and plans to establish a trimodal platform serving regional and national hinterlands with seamless rail connections.
  • The project aims for swift action, with site possession in October 2023 and commissioning by Q3 2024, offering diverse logistics functions including container maintenance and reconditioning.

Strengthening the Seine’s Green Multimodal Logistics Corridor

HAROPA PORT, the prominent French port complex, is embarking on a strategic development initiative. Located just 40 kilometers from the heart of Paris, this expansion aims to fortify the green multimodal logistics corridor along the Seine. The key objective is to significantly increase rail and river traffic while preparing for the future connection between the Seine and the Oise to the Seine-North Europe Canal.

Winning Bidder and Logistics Powerhouse

Following a competitive call for projects in 2022, the winning bidder, MEDLOG, the logistics arm of MSC, will play a pivotal role in this transformative project. Their vision is to establish a trimodal logistics platform, strategically positioned to serve both a regional hinterland and France’s leading consumer basin, with seamless rail connectivity.

Immediate Action and Commissioning Timeline

With possession of the site scheduled for October 1st, MEDLOG is poised to commence work promptly. The ambitious timeline sets the stage for commissioning by the end of the third quarter in 2024. This swift action underscores the commitment to delivering enhanced logistical capabilities.

A Versatile Multifunctional Hub

The trimodal logistics platform is designed to serve diverse functions. It will facilitate the handling of various types of goods and flows, cater to the export-standard reconditioning of food-grade and refrigerated containers, and provide maintenance and repair services for containers. This multifaceted approach positions HAROPA PORT for a future characterized by efficient and sustainable logistics.

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