Hazard Detection Software Company Recognised For Innovation In Safety

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Exis Technologies, a top supplier of compliance systems with headquarters in Darlington, was honoured for its remarkable contribution to incident avoidance in the maritime sector at a global awards ceremony, as reported by B-Daily.

Managing hazardous materials 

The company, which operates out of Faverdale and provides software systems for the management of hazardous materials in maritime transportation, was selected as one of three finalists for the TT Club Innovation in Safety Award by ICHCA International for its cutting-edge cargo screening product, Hazcheck Detect.

In order to find misdeclared and undeclared dangerous items, Hazcheck Detect is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that searches all booking details for keywords and phrases, validates against rules, and flags questionable bookings. The software was created to aid in early intervention and give dangerous product teams the ability to interview shippers, gather more data, and schedule cargo inspections.

Clients review

“We are incredibly thrilled with the impact Hazcheck Detect is having on the identification of misdeclared and undeclared dangerous products,” stated Mike Durkin, chief information officer at Exis. Being recognised on a global platform, where other wonderful firms have also been selected, is a genuinely proud time for us. Seeing the reviews we get from clients is satisfying enough. This demonstrates the effort and commitment of our Exis Technologies team.

Currently, the company is growing steadily, and throughout 2022, more shipping lines will be testing the solution and onboarding. Now, Hazcheck Detect is being used by five major carriers, who transport about 30% of the world’s containers.

New innovation

According to Mike, “Hazcheck Detect’s screening capabilities prevent about 40 or 50 containers every week from being put aboard a ship, preventing a serious incident from occurring. We’re eager to see what the rest of 2023 has in store as the system develops and grows.”

Exis recently celebrated its 35th anniversary and today employs 26 people at its site in Darlington’s Faverdale Industrial Park.

The Exis team was required to present their innovation to the audience, panellists, and keynote speaker at the TT Club Innovation in Safety Awards on February 23.

20 companies across the sector applied to the awards, with three finalists being picked on the night.

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Source: B-Daily


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