Hazards In Shipping Coal From Indonesia



UK P&I Club’s Loss Prevention Team highlights the risks and advises actions to be taken to reduce accidents.

  1. Self-heating incidents involving coal cargoes loaded at Indonesian ports have increased.  The problem appears to be primarily related to the nature of the coals which can be handled prior to and during loading.
  2. The coal cargoes may self-heat and may emit methane (a flammable gas). The IMSBC Code provides that the shippers’ cargo declaration shall specify whether the cargo may be liable to emit methane or self-heat. During loading, any cargo at a temperature in excess of 55ºC must be rejected.
  3. The cargo holds should be closed immediately after completion of loading in each cargo space. If delays occur during loading, partially filled holds have to be closed and they should not be ventilated.
  4. Temperatures measured by lowering thermometers into sounding pipes should not be relied upon. Gas measurement readings will provide more reliable information.


Source: UK P&I Club