HD Hyundai, ABS To Set Standards For E-propulsion Ships


South Korea’s HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co. (HD KSOE) and HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., partnered with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) to capture a large electric propulsion ship market.

Cooperation agreement

HD Hyundai announced on Friday that the day before, they signed a cooperation agreement with ABS for shipboard high-voltage direct current (MVDC) classification regulations and research at the Seongnam (Gyeonggi Province) HD Hyundai Global R&D Center.

In particular, when applied to large electric propulsion ships, MVDC can improve energy integration efficiency by up to 20% compared to existing methods.

First DC-based electric propulsion ship 

Previously, HD KSOE built the first DC-based hybrid electric propulsion ship Ulsan Taehwa using a low-voltage direct current (LVDC) transmission system. The Ulsan Taehwa is a medium-sized ship weighing 2,800 tons.

Additionally, in collaboration with HD Hyundai Heavy Industries, HD KSOE received basic design certification from Lloyd’s Register in the UK in Oct.

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Source: Kedglobal