Headway Wins New Orders, Claims 10% of Global BWMS Market Share


Headway’s OceanGuard BWMS will be installed on two existing vessels under an agreement the Chinese company made with Germany-based third-party shipmanager Zeaborn Ship Management.

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Headway’s long-term client and partner, the German shipowning group Hartmann has also confirmed an order for three newbuilding vessels.

“We believe that [the BWMS system’s] advantages will contribute to helping us to tackle pollution and reduce our environmental burden”, Headway quoted a Hartmann technical manager as saying.

In addition, the initial co-operation agreement also saw Hartmann express what Headway characterised as a “strong interest” in the OceanGuard exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCSs, or scrubbers).

One of the key features of the Headway-produced OceanGuard scrubber system is ultra-micro atomisation, which, instead of applying layers of packing, reduces back pressure and increases the contact area within the scrubber.

Although the scrubber systems are custom designed for a particular vessel’s exhaust gas and thermal profile, Headway has been able to design, supply and fit within a four-month window, the company told a Riviera webinar.

The two BWMS-related contracts were signed during the international maritime trade fair SMM, in Hamburg, Germany, in September 2022.

In an emailed statement, Headway said 4,500 of its BWMS have been installed on more than 3,000 vessels, which totals more than 10% of the global market share for BWMS.

Shipowners named by Headway as having its BWMS units in their vessels include Gener8 Maritime, Carnival Cruises, Chemical Transportation Group and Tropical Shipping.

Headway’s OceanGuard BWMS uses filtration, advanced oxidation and electrocatalysis to deal with organisms and holds alternate management system status from USCG.

At the trade fair, Headway also displayed its marine fuel supply systems which are based on LNG, LPG and methanol fuel solutions and have obtained certificates from international classification societies.

And Headway has recently announced it won certification from classification society DNV for an onboard carbon capture and storage (CCS) system.

The CCS independently developed by Headway Technology Group (Qingdao) Co Ltd obtained an approval in principle certificate issued by DNV, making Headway one of the few companies in this field in the world with this recognition.

Headway CCS system stands out, with many advantages such as a small size, low power consumption and convenient operation. Headway has several patents and software copyrights, which enable it to provide energy-saving and efficient solutions for ships, to meet CO2 emissions reduction targets.

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Source: Riviera


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