Heat Importance In Renewable Energy


An event to put the biggest problem in the energy transition on the map. Our modern world needs heat more than anything else, but we never talk about it. We’re changing that Wednesday 17th of August at 08:30 am on the boat Brim Explorer at Arendalsuka, says an article published in Cision News.

Heat Dominance

Put your finger on something made without heat, we dare you! While the transport sector uses 35% of all energy, the production of heat for any purpose consumes half of all energy used by humans.

Half! And almost entirely produced from fossil sources, resulting in 40% of the total CO2 emission.

Everything Is Made Using Heat?

If you have a material and want to turn it into something else, you will use heat.

This is a problem you cannot quit. There is no vegan choice for heat.

You cannot escape into the bus lane with your electric car, and there’s no railway option for the flight. You’re in it.

Almost everything is made using heat. However, we never talk about it. So why should we?

Important Challenges

Recently the Norwegian government launched their “Grønt Industriløft”.

One of the most important challenges – heat – wasn’t mentioned with a word.

Even though half of the energy demand from the industry is heat.

Heat Solution

The result? The energy transition will go slower, at best. This is about what energy is used for, and using the right technology to fill the need fast.

It is impossible to talk about decarbonizing the industry without talking about heat.

And a heat problem is most efficiently solved using a heat solution.

Electrifying Heat 

We need to electrify industrial process heat with renewable energy, and to do that we also need to be able to store the energy as heat.

The Forgotten Word 

The Long Duration Energy Storage Council (LDES) and Kyoto Group will co-host the event, with a virtuel guest speaker from McKinsey:

“Heat: the forgotten word in renewable energy” at Arendalsuka on August 17th at 8:30 am at the fully electrical boat Brim Explorer.The event will also be held virtually.

The Guests 

Eivind Reiten (Chairman of Kyoto Group and former Minister of Petroleum and Oil in Norway), and virtual guest speaker Godart van Gendt (Senior Expert at McKinsey & Company), will participate in the discussion.

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Source: Cision News



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