Heavy floods leads to search of missing people in kentucky



In Kentucky, deadly floods have killed two people while six are missing from the natural calamity.

Serious search for missing people are underway by the rescue crews braving heavy rain and mud on the hilly Appalachian terrain, in north-eastern area of the state.

The search operations are being carried out for a stretch of 13 km where nearly 1,200 residents reside.  The people who have gone missing are within the age limit of 22 and 74.

Joining hands with US National Guard, the rescue crews will continue searching ground where they have already covered and started new searches with the help of excavators and dump trucks.

Authorities have informed that nearly 150 homes has been destroyed and few mobile homes were washed away by the floods from their foundations.

Emergency dispatchers have said that if more rain continues in this area the search efforts will be hampered.

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