Heavy Marine Fuel Spill Occurs During Bunker Operation


Heavy marine fuel spilled during bunker operations of Bulgarian bulk carrier Koznitza from motor tanker Aalbong on Skagen Anchorage in Denmark.

What happened?

The accident occurred on May 27 in the early morning and was confirmed by the local authorities. After the fuel leak was noticed by the officers of the ships, the bunkering operation was stopped immediate and oil boom was laid around the leak to restrict spreading of the spot.

Probing carried out around vessels:

The both vessel connected with Admiral Danish Fleet Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Aarhus to report the accident. The local authorities initiated inspection of the both vessels and took probes from the water around the vessels. It was estimated that there was no danger from spreading of the oil, the bunkering operations were restarted.

No water pollution reported:

After receiving the report for the water pollution, at the scene of the accident arrived environmental vessel Mette Miljoe, which took probes from the water around Koznica and Aalborg. Two officers from the crew are boarding Koznitsa for regular check. Later, two local police officers arrived on board. After the necessary checks are completed, the four officers left and the crew of the ship continues to clean the contaminated deck surfaces. There was no environmental and marine lifestyle damage reported.

Situation assessed:

“According to expert assessments of local authorities and crew, the amount of spilled heavy marine fuel at sea is about 50 liters. This is also recorded in the documents handed to the captain of the bulk carrier Koznitsa, Nikolay Daskalov”, said the press service of Navibulgar, which is owner and operator of the bulk carrier.

Proceeded to its destination:

On the morning of May 29, 2017, after completion of the bunkering, the cargo ship Koznitsa continued sailing to the designated port.

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Source: Maritime Bulletin


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