Hercules-2: Zero Emission Marine Engines


Hercules-2, A Horizon 2020 Project Aiming At Zero Emission Marine Engines


The EC Grants has granted a total of  €16.8 Million to €25 million, for the project with a goal to achieve “Near Zero Emissions for Marine Engines”.  The EU research and innovation framework programme is planned to be on and running until 2018.

The project aims to develop a “fuel flexible, near-zero emissions, adaptive performance marine engine,” known as Hercules-2.

European Union’s (EU’s) research and innovation framework programme supports this project.  Out of the total grant, a sum of €1.5 million  is said to have been given to the University of Vaasa, Finland to assist with their research.  The National Technical University of Athens is coordinating this.

Professor Seppo Niemi, who works at Vaasa aired his views about the project Hercules-2.  He is quoted to have said: “improving fuel flexibility for seamless switching between different fuel types, developing adaptive control methodologies and achieving near zero-emissions”.

The EC has also approved a Finnish Government plan for LNG bunkering terminal on Finland’s West coast of Pori.  They were approved €23.44 million out of the total €81 million that would be required for the project.

Source: Horizon 2020 Projects