Here Is How CMA CGM Improved Its Carbon Performance By 50%


CMA CGM, a leading worldwide shipping Group, is pleased to announce a 50% improvement in its CO2 performance for its owned fleet.  Thanks to an efficient environmental policy sustained by deploying innovative solutions, this success was accomplished in 10 years.

CMA CGM has improved its Carbon performance by 50% in 10 years

Today, a container emits approximately 60 grams of CO2 per kilometer, compared to 120 grams in 2005.  The Group best-performing ships emit 37 grams of CO2 per container transported, such as the CMA CGM Bougainville which can carry up to 200,000 tons of goods in 18,000 containers.

Shipping today is the most environmentally friendly transport mode: it is 70 times less polluting than flight transportation.


Innovation is a major driver in reducing the Group’s environmental performance

CMA CGM has improved its vessels hydrodynamics to reduce their emissions.  By redesigning its vessels structure, CMA CGM improves their hydrodynamics, thus reducing their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.  The following technical innovations have been implemented on the fleet of the Group:

  • New bulbous bows have been installed in order to adapt the hydrodynamics of the ships to the new reduced sailing speed.
  • Propellers have been optimized to gain efficiency following the decrease in engines’ power: their diameter has been increased and a blade removed.
  • A new twisted leading edge rudder improves water flow and thus the hydrodynamic performance of the vessel.


CMA CGM equips new vessels with additional innovations to preserve the oceans

  • CMA CGM has developed the Fast Oil Recovery System, a reliable and safe system, which, in case of an accident, significantly reduces the response time to empty the tanks and avoid pollution.
  • All new generation Group ships are also equipped with a ballast water treatment system (which are helpful to the ship balance): before being discharged, they are cleaned from any living organism that could impact marine biodiversity.

The Fleet Navigation and Support Center optimizes routes, speeds and fuel consumption, while ensuring ships and crews safety.  Operating 24/7, this navigation assistance and support center brings to seafarers navigation information for greener routes.

CMA CGM develops and uses new environmentally friendly containers, which save 1 to 2 tons of fuel per day, and thereby preventing emissions of 3 to 6 tons of CO2.

  • CMA CGM has invested in 30,000 Reefers (refrigerated containers) with low consumption engines reducing up to 3 times electrical costs and fuel consumption.
  • In 2005, CMA CGM was the first maritime group to invest in containers with bamboo floors, thus limiting the use of wood from valuable tropical species while improving the containers’ technical qualities.

Source: CMA CGM