Here’s Your Checklist For An Immersive Experience At A Cruise Trip !

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  • The anticipation of a cruise vacation is almost as fun as the trip itself.
  • With endless food, diverse destinations, impeccable service, and impressive entertainment options it’s always exciting.
  • Some cruisers can’t wait to watch shows each evening whereas others look forward to elegant dinners and tranquil evenings on their balcony.

Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or planning your very first cruise, you’ll find certain aspects of the vacation stand out more than the rest. Regardless of your cruising style and preferences, here’s a list you should be on the lookout for.

A schedule of fun activities

While no one is obliged to participate in any activities on a Royal Caribbean cruise, we find that having a schedule of things to do at nearly every hour of the day is amazing. From trivia to scrapbooking classes, pickleball tournaments, and cocktail seminars, we are always impressed by the variety of programming available onboard.

Indian food

Indian food is one of the most favorite cuisines; the spicy, aromatic, unique blend of flavors paired with rice and naan perfectly aligns with my palette. One thing to always look forward to when we board a Royal Caribbean cruise is the variety of Indian food we can enjoy during my sailing. Indian dishes are offered in the Main Dining Room, too, but are not always on the menu, so ask your server which Indian dishes are available for your meal.

Live music

The convenience of finding live music onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship cannot be understated, and this is one of the things we look forward to most every time we sail. It’s extremely easy to find impressive musicians around the ship, whether acoustic guitar in the pub or piano tunes at Schooner Bar.

Meeting crew members

Royal Caribbean crew members are from all over the world, and one thing I always look forward to when boarding a cruise is conversing with the crew onboard. Chatting with crew members is one of the most interesting aspects of cruising. After all, where else can you have a conversation with people from the United States, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey, India, the Philippines, China, and Indonesia in one place?

Sunsets at sea

One place you’ll always find people during sunset on a cruise ship is lounging in a pool chair near the jogging track. Just love the quiet, peaceful environment of the pool deck once most passengers have gone to dinner, and the upper pool deck is arguably the best spot to catch views of the sunset.

Trying new cocktails

Before cruising, our repertoire of cocktails was minimal at best. But on the cruise we find ourselves ordering the same basic cocktails anywhere we go without knowing better. While gin and tonics are great, they’re a bit boring compared to the signature drinks you’ll find on a Royal Caribbean ship.

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