Here’s Your List Of The Fastest Dogs In The World

Credit: Alvan Nee/ unsplash

One of the unexpected effects of the global pandemic – and the resulting series of lockdowns – was an increase in demand for puppies. And the extent of that soaring in demand has been shown by the latest registrations statistics from the UK Kennel Club, up nearly 40 per cent from 250,649 in 2020 to 349,013 in 2021. Here’s a list of the fastest breeds, according to the American Kennel Club.


One of the most ancient breeds of dog, the Saluki is thought to date back to ancient Egypt. With a top speed of 42 mph they are the second fastest dog breed.


It probably comes as no surprise that the fastest breed of all is the Greyhound. They are born to run, although are surprisingly lazy the rest of the time, and have an incredible top speed of 45mph.

Afghan Hound

In joint bronze medal position for quickest canine is the Afghan Hound. At top speed they are a blur of fur, running at 40mph.


The other dog that can register up to 40mph on the canine speedometer is the Vizla. If this Hungarian breed doesn’t get plenty of exercise it can become destructive.


Dalmatians can reach speeds of up to 37 mph. Their quick pace came in useful when they were used to run alongside carriages to protect travelers from highwaymen.

Jack Russell Terrier

Small but speedy, the Jack Russell Terrier rounds out the top five fastest dogs. Bred to be the perfect dog for fox hunting, they can clock speeds of up to 38 mph.


Originally from Russia, where they were used as hunting dogs, the Borzoi just loves to run and can reach a speed of 36mph.


The Whippet, like their larger Greyhound cousins, are natural racers and can speed along at up to 34 mph – perfect for when they were used to hunt rabbits.

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Source: Scotsman


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