Hero Doctor Helps to Delivers Baby On Flight


Dr. Angelica Zen, a UCLA Resident Physician, was returning from her honeymoon in an overseas flight when a fellow passenger went into early labor.

Dr. Zen heard the announcement in the flight asking for the availability of a doctor or nurse.  She volunteered for the service.  Initially, she was informed that the passenger had an abdominal pain.  But when she attended the patient she was found to be pregnant.

The flight attendants quickly pitched in, providing towels, blankets and makeshift instruments as fellow passengers recorded videos with their phones.

The flight was diverted to the nearest airport, Alaska, where the lady and the new-born baby were taken to the hospital.

The doctor said,It was right when we were descending that the baby crowned.

Edmund Chen, who filmed a part of the delivery from his seat one row, behind said, The baby got delivered, and everybody applauded.

Dr. Zen informed that the baby and mother were healthy.  If the birth occurred within 12 miles radius of Alaska, the baby would be U.S. Citizen by law.

Source: kplctv


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