HGK Shipping’s GAS 95 Receives Green Award in Gold Certification


HGK Shipping’s environmentally-friendly diesel-electric gas tanker, GAS 95, has been awarded the Green Award in Gold certification, a testament to the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in inland shipping. According to a social media update from HGK Shipping, they expressed pride in this recognition, highlighting their continuous efforts towards eco-friendly advancements.

Introduction and Commissioning

GAS 95, a 110-meter-long vessel featuring a diesel-electric drive and a future fuel-ready concept, was put into operation on the river Rhine in February 2024. This marks the introduction of a new generation of inland waterway vessels, aligning with HGK Shipping’s principle of “Driving Sustainability.”

Sustainability Features

The diesel-electric drive system on GAS 95 significantly reduces CO2 emissions by up to 30% per tonne/kilometer compared to standard inland waterway shipping benchmarks. Additionally, the output of particulate matter and other pollutants has been substantially decreased. Recent refinements to the installed power management system further enhance fuel efficiency, underscoring the vessel’s environmental benefits.

Fleet Expansion and Future Plans

GAS 95 is the second gas tanker of its kind introduced by HGK Shipping to support the sustainable development of inland waterway shipping. The company has already placed an order for the next diesel-electric vessel, GAS 96, which will be optimized for shallow water operations. Plans for additional vessels are also in progress, reflecting HGK Shipping’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Related Developments

In a related initiative, HGK Shipping recently held a naming ceremony for its new dry goods vessel, Helios. This vessel, optimized for shallow waters, features a diesel-electric drive system with future-fuel-ready capability and boasts the world’s largest solar module structure on an inland waterway vessel. This addition further emphasizes the company’s dedication to pioneering sustainable shipping solutions.

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Source: Offshore Energy