High Shipping Volumes & Rising Rates Drove Demand for Reveels Platform


Reveel, whose Shipping Intelligence™ Platform enables companies to level the playing field with carriers, reflected on some of the numerous performance milestones the company achieved in the past year. Notably, 2021 was a historic year for shippers across industries, reports PR News Wire.

Major capacity shortfalls

The past year was unprecedented, as shippers were pressured to move more parcels than ever before even as carriers experienced major capacity shortfalls in their networks,” said Josh Dunham, CEO and co-founder of Reveel.

For more than 15 years we’ve helped our customers secure better terms, conditions, and performance from their FedEx and UPS contracts, but at no point has the importance of shipping intelligence or its impact on business success achieved more widespread recognition across senior corporate leadership teams than in 2021.”

Last year, the pandemic coincided with consumers’ continued adoption of e-commerce. Carriers, including FedEx, UPS, regional freight companies, Amazon, the United States Postal Service, and others all saw record parcel volumes and more demand than ever before. Simultaneously, a wide range of issues, including a labor shortage across the transportation and logistics industries, impacted both shippers and the carriers they do business with.

Reveel’s achievements

Some of Reveel’s many achievements during the historic year that resulted included:

  • Introduced the industry’s first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based analytics, contract analysis and negotiation solution of its kind: Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence® Platform – available in essential (free), professional, and enterprise versions – uses advanced analytics to continually monitor each customer’s shipping data to provide actionable insights they can use to immediately lower costs. It also provides an industry first, the Reveel Peer Index – a benchmark shippers can use to gauge their success against businesses with a similar shipping profile.
  • Offered the industry’s only free and extensive impact analysis of FedEx’s and UPS’s 2022 general rate increases and new terms and conditions: Both FedEx and UPS unveiled numerous surcharges, fees and rules aimed at everything from zones to parcel dimensions that impact companies differently depending on their shipping profile. Reveel’s free, AI-powered analysis enables customers to know how they will be impacted based on what they ship, where they ship it, and when.
  • Introduced the industry’s first free shipping audit that lets shippers keep 100 percent of audit credits: A thorough shipping audit typically uncovers credits of 1 to 3% on numerous variables, including when deliveries failed to arrive on time. Even at 1%, the savings can be significant, particularly for active e-commerce companies. Reveel is the first company that lets its customers, even those that use the free version of its platform, keep all of the credits uncovered by its powerful artificial intelligence.
    Conducted the only large-scale analysis of what the true cost of FedEx’s and UPS’s 2022 rate increases will be in 2022: Both FedEx and UPS announced 2022 general increases of 5.9%, however, this does not include the surcharges, new fees and new terms that can dramatically impact shipping costs. To provide a year-over-year comparison and find out what companies will really pay in 2022, Reveel’s data scientists created a model that simulates the new rates to shipments its customers made in the previous year. They found that the 5.9% increase amounts to a 12.86% increase for companies using FedEx and a 10.25% increase for those using UPS. Notably, small and medium-sized businesses that use FedEx’s Ground Economy will see an average cost increase of 26% this year.
  • Named Bill Taylor Chief Marketing Officer: Taylor brings more than 30 years of senior-level executive marketing expertise and a track record of success enabling high-growth companies to gain market share. Previously he provided chief-level marketing expertise at Chief Outsiders, a strategic growth company that helps companies and investment firms access the senior-level marketing talent needed to achieve exceptional growth. Prior to that, he served as CMO at Llamasoft and XIFIN. Earlier in his career, Taylor also served as a director, strategy and planning at IBM.
  • Achieved significant industry recognition: Reveel received a BIG Innovation Award for its Shipping Intelligence® Platform. Dunham was also one of four members chosen to comprise the Transportation Knowledge Team that convened for the closing session at PARCEL Forum ’21 to give shippers information they could apply at their own companies to lower costs and improve performance. He was also named the president of the Orange County Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

During the most volatile year on record for shippers, our customers secured significant savings on their shipping contracts using the shipping intelligence we provide,” adds Dunham.

To secure more favorable terms and conditions it’s absolutely crucial for all companies to know their shipping profile and the vital factors that comprise it and align that with carriers’ business goals. Given the historic cost increases companies will see from FedEx and UPS in 2022, it’s fair to say that the divide between those that arm themselves with shipping intelligence and those that do not will be dramatic.”

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Source: PR News Wire



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