High-Tech System Could Pull Cars Over, Call First Responders In Emergencies


High-tech systems in new cars that can watch drivers and ensure they’re paying attention are taking another leap forward, says an article published in Wtop.

Ensuring safety

Those systems, which involve cameras and sensors, can also be used to determine if a driver has fallen asleep or is experiencing a medical emergency.

Other technology already incorporated into the car can then be used to safely pull over the vehicle and call first responders if the driver is unresponsive.

Keith Barry, a car reporter at Consumer Reports, said the pull-over feature is closer than many people realize.

“Mazda is working on some prototypes of the technology in Japan,” he told WTOP.

He thinks the feature’s arrival in the U.S. may not be far off, especially because the tech makes use of existing systems.

“So it would not surprise me if it were within in the next three to five years,” he said.

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Source: Wtop


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