High Water Levels Strands vessel on St. Lawrence River


On May 8, a cruise ship was left stranded on St.Lawrence river because the river levels were too high to allow it to pass beneath the Laviolette Bridge.

What happened?

The cruise ship ‘MS Marina’ was bound for Montreal was left stranded in Trois-Rivères, Quebec, when the swollen St. Lawrence River prevented the ship from passing beneath the Laviolette bridge.

Rain and snow cause river to swell

The rainfall and snow prevailing in Canada had resulted in the rise of water levels on the river, which is typical this time of the year. The rise in water level prevented ships from passing through the Laviolette Bridge, which connects Trois-Rivières on the north shore to Bécancour on the other side.

Passengers shifted by bus

The 1,200 passengers onboard the vessel were forced to unload their luggages and a bus was arranged to shuttle them 140 miles to their final port of call, Montreal.

On May 10, the ship was scheduled to depart for Southampton, U.K., so the passengers scheduled to depart will also be bussed to the waiting ship.

The cruise liner will be required to make a u-turn in the river in preparation for its departure, a maneuver that has never been attempted in that section of the St. Lawrence.

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Source: Weather


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