10,000th HIMSEN Engine Installed On Board A 14,400 TEU Containership


Hyundai Heavy Industries has produced its 10,000th 4-Stroke Hi-Touch Marine and Stationary Engine.


The Hyundai Heavy Industries’  is the world’s leading heavy industries company.  The company has announced that it has produced and installed its 10,000th HIMSEN 4 stroke marine engine on a 14,400 TEU containership ordered from Costamare, Greece.

Highlights about HIMSEN:

  • They are medium speed 4-stroke engines
  • It was developed in 2001
  • HIMSEN used HHI’s 10 years of research and development
  • This engine features high-output and high-efficiency
  • It has a versatile design suitable for both ship propulsion and power generation for onshore power plants

The company has been successfully diversifying from shipbuilding and offshore and engineering, industrial plant and engineering, engine and machinery, electro electric systems, construction equipment and green energy businesses.  It has the world’s biggest market share of 22% and exports 4-stroke engines to 550 clients from 43 countries over the past 15 years.  HIMSEN got started with a model that runs on diesel and now has models that can run on natural gas and the one that runs on both diesel and natural gas.  Late September it introduced the CLEAN (Customer, ReLiability, Environment, Acceptable Technology, No Defect) HIMSEN that realized 20 percent power output increase and 2 percent fuel efficiency improvement when compared to the existing model.


  • Winning design awards at the 2010 International Forum (iF)
  • Design Award and Red Dot Design Award 2010

Source: HHI


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