Hong Kong Shipping Register Crosses 100 Million Tonnage


Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Shipping Register (HKSR) set up on December 3, 1990, with a Gross Tonnage of 6 million at the time, is the fourth largest ship register in the world.

It had passed the 100 million gross tonnage (GT) mark at the end of September with a total of 2449 ships listed on the register.

The 100 million tonnages was made possible by

  1. Maintaining high shipping standard.
  2. Conducting Pre-Registration Quality Control.
  3. Ensuring that ships comply with all applicable safety and pollution prevention standards of the relevant international conventions.
  4. Fully implementing a Flag State Quality Control System to ensure that ships on the register comply with international standards.
  5. The Port State Control detention rate of Hong Kong-registered ships remains at a low level.
  6. Ships registered in Hong Kong remain among the top performers in the white list issued by the Tokyo Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of Port State Control and are classified as low-risk ships in the Paris MoU.
  7. Hong Kong continues to hold the Qualship 21 status of the United States Coast Guard.

The HKSR will continue to enhance its services, provide shipowners with technical support and advice; continue to improve its coordination with relevant Mainland authorities to provide better protection for Hong Kong-registered ships when they are in international waters and in foreign ports.

Source: GovHK


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