Hong Kong to Introduce Shipping Legislation Bill to Promote Use of Green Fuels


The Shipping Legislation (Use of Fuels and Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2024 will be published in the Gazette on Friday, July 5. This Bill aims to amend the Merchant Shipping (Local Vessels) Ordinance (Cap. 548) and four related subsidiary legislations to support the adoption of new fuels by vessels in Hong Kong.

Background and Objectives

The Bill is part of a broader strategy announced in 2023 to enhance Hong Kong’s position as an international maritime centre. The government is dedicated to transforming Hong Kong into a hub for environmentally friendly fuels, promoting fuels with low or zero carbon emissions.

Key Amendments

The Bill updates existing laws to ensure the safe use of new fuels, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and methanol, considering their unique properties compared to traditional marine fuels.

Government Commitment and Industry Collaboration

This Bill follows the Green Incentive Scheme introduced on June 28, showcasing the government’s commitment to maritime decarbonization. A spokesperson from the Transport and Logistics Bureau highlighted the government’s determination to develop Hong Kong into a green port and achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping by or around 2050, in line with the International Maritime Organization’s targets.

Consultation and Legislative Process

The Bill has received backing from the Panel on Economic Development of the Legislative Council, the Local Vessels Advisory Committee, and the Port Operations Committee of the Marine Department. The Bill will be formally introduced into the Legislative Council on July 10.

The introduction of the Shipping Legislation Bill 2024 marks a significant step towards sustainable maritime practices in Hong Kong, reinforcing the city’s commitment to environmental responsibility and its role as a leading international maritime center.

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Source: GovHK