Houston Reveals Disturbing Fuel Contamination Discovery

Credit: shunya-koide-unsplash
  • Houston, Texas – Disturbing findings reveal contaminated fuel in Houston, Texas, between March and May 2023.
  • The UK P&I Club and VPS are actively investigating the issue, aiming to determine the extent and impact of the contamination.
  • Authorities are closely monitoring the situation and will provide further updates as investigations progress.

Contaminated Fuel Alert

As Ship & Bunker informs, VPS detected Dicycopdentadience (DCPD) and associated isomers at ‘significantly high levels in VLSFO bunker fuel deliveries in Houston’.

VPS global marine advisory firm has issued a related Bunker Alert informing that these deliveries were conducted by a single supplier from March to May 2023 while eleven vessels using these fuels have reported loss of power.

The UK Club informed ”If Members have any queries regarding this issue they can get in touch with their usual Club contact.” DCPD is a chemical that is produced by heating crude oil. It is a colourless, flammable solid or liquid, with a disagreeable camphor-like odour. 

Investigations Underway

According to VeriFuel, often when a fuel contains styrene, DCPD or indine are also found. A Dow product data sheet lists ‘DCPD’ and ‘indene’ as part of their European Fuel Oil Blend component for bunker fuels. 

There have been an increased number of reports on serious technical problems and mechanical damages encountered by more than one hundred ships due to contaminated fuel oils that were delivered to them since late May 2018. The International Council on Combustion Engines (CIMAC) published a research paper investigating the High Sulphur Fuel Oil contamination crisis in Singapore. 

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Source: Safety4sea