[Watch] Houthis Release Video Of Domestically-Built USV Attacking Bulk Carrier


The Houthi forces have released the video footage of their latest unmanned surface vehicle, the “Toofan al-Mudammer”, in a frightening naval attack in the Red Sea.

This is the first reported use of the “Destroyer Boat”, demonstrating its high destructive capability and advanced technology.

The video shows “Toofan al-Mudammer” targeting and destroying the Transworld Navigator ship.

Vessel target 

According to Houthi sources, the vessel was targeted because it violated a Houthi-imposed ban on entry to seized Palestinian ports.

The Houthis have cautioned companies against conducting trade negotiations with Israel through shipping.

Earlier in June, the Houthis revealed the ballistic missile “Palestine”, the Toofan-1 USV, and the Hatem-2 hypersonic ballistic missile.

In response to these threats, the US Centcom forces carried out self-defense operations in the Red Sea in the last 24 hours, destroying three Iranian-backed Houthi USVs.

US Centcom’s operations aim to safeguard the freedom of navigation while ensuring the safety and security of the international waters.


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Source: Marine Insight