How A Ship & Handful Shipowners Can Spread Diseases!


As the Coronavirus grips the world is scare, here’s a story from the Bubonic Plague pandemic back in 1720 as reported by the Indo New York

  • In the early months of summer, that is in April 5, the bubonic plague struck for the first time onboard a ship
  • Because only a handful of ship-owners refuses to lose a cargo of precious fabrics, 100 000 Marseille and Provence are washed out by the bubonic plague.
  • More than 40000 deaths in the phocean city. One-third of the inhabitants of the time.
  • The tragedy starts on the 25th of may 1720 with the arrival in the Old Port, the Grand Saint Antoine, chartered the previous year by ship-owners in marseille.
  • The vessel returned to the Levant (Syria today) the flanks crammed with luxurious fabrics and cotton bales.

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Source: Indo New York


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