How a Supply Vessel turned to a $62 Million Luxury Yacht!


Footprints Of Innovation: A Cargo Ship To A Million Dollar Yacht


The Kilkea, $62 million yacht that will be built from a cargo ship, is a novel project undertaken by  Edmiston & Company.  Instead of coming up with something from scratch, the folks at Edmiston decided to see what they could do with something a little more rugged.

The new yacht’s base—is a VARD 1 Series.  With this as base, they  have designed and built a complete range of Platform Supply Vessels (PSV).  PSVs are commonly referred to as the “trucks of the sea”, as they are designed to transport cargo to and from offshore oil rigs and platforms. PSVs are capable of performing a variety of tasks to support offshore operations. These PSVs are designed with focus on cargo capacity and excellent maneuvering capabilities combined with low fuel consumption. Also they are seriously seaworthy ships, designed to tackle anything thrown at them, upto and including Arctic and Antarctic waters.

The ship will also be outfitted with a helicopter and, naturally, a new coat of paint.

Source: Edmiston


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