How Far The Tanker Orderbook Has Fallen


  • But as the reported price for the MMC tankers shows, the tanker sector remains immune to the price rises – at least for the time being.
  • CRS reports the popular (some might say overheating) orderbooks of container ships and gas carriers are the driving force, with demand for slots pushing available berths out to 2025.

A recent news article published in the Riviera states that tanker orderbook fading away.

Prices increase

The price increases in some of the sectors are far above that of rising raw materials and labour costs.

CRS noted a 15,000-TEU container ship price is 47% up on those prices reported at the start of 2021.

14 vessels have changed hands

Without new tankers, the solution for fleet renewal rests in the secondhand market which has seen 86 tankers change hands since the beginning of March 2022.

In the VLCC sector, 14 vessels have changed hands, including four sold by Euronav to Sinokor.

Since then, Euronav has become part of a proposed combination with Frontline.

At the same time, a completely new generation of VLCCs is entering the fleet – how soon until one of these is added to the brokers’ for sale lists?

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Source: Riviera


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