How Safe Are You on a Cruise Ship?


With two recent deaths aboard Carnival cruise ships, the safety of the vessels is in question.

There is no centralized database of cruise ship deaths that could be found, especially when it comes to international waters. A website,, does its best to aggregate cruise ship deaths that make the news.

The Problem of Going Overboard

According to their research, an average of around 30 people goes overboard on average each year.

Passengers we’ve spoken to say the railing seems safe and they don’t feel unsafe aboard the Carnival Fantasy, but it is possible to go overboard.

Sunday’s Incident

In Sunday night’s incident, the 22-year-old passenger was able to jump over the railing.

Carnival told NBC 15 in a statement that all of its ships have man overboard surveillance technology. In the story clip above, you can see the video of an example of how it works. In an additional statement, Carnival said that technology can be unreliable.

At the beginning of each cruise, there are safety briefings for all passengers to board a cruise ship.

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Source: MYNBC


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