How To Enable Lubricants To Work Effectively?


  • The challenge issued to the additive and lubricant industry was to deliver a 40BN cylinder oil that has the cleaning performance of a 100BN oil.
  • Following the successful completion of a MAN Cat II main service test, Lubrizol was the first lubricant additive provider to be awarded a MAN No Objection Letter.

A recent news article published in the Riviera talks about enabling lubricants to work effectively.

MAN ES recommended an interim step

This was not an easy challenge and the work to develop this new high-performing cylinder oil took longer than anticipated. MAN ES recommended an interim step of a ‘switching’ process between a 100BN oil and a 40BN oil.

This process poses a number of logistical and operational challenges.

The key to successfully implementing the interim switching process, said Mr Tarrant, is frequent scavenge port inspections and scrape-down oil analysis from which chief engineers can make the decision to switch lubricants.

Trial and error

However, this can be very much trial and error and uses a large amount of time and resource.

The more efficient long-term solution would be to use a MAN Cat. II 40BN cylinder oil that has ring pack cleanliness at the heart of its design.

On the question of new and alternative fuels, Mr Tarrant said, “Lubrizol’s research into additives will provide new lubricants to meet the requirements of new engine designs to enable the usage of new fuels as we continue to support shipping’s journey to decarbonisation.”

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Source: Riviera


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