How to Get on a Watchlist Episode 7: How to Hijack a Ship


In the penultimate installment of the first season of the podcast, we discuss the threats to global shipping posed by piracy, state actors, and other dangers with two members of the Encyclopedia Geopolitica team.

Cormac Mc Garry is an Associate Director at the specialist risk consultancy Control Risks, where he heads up their maritime security intelligence and analysis services. Most of his work involves helping shipping companies and others in the maritime community be prepared for security issues they may face from piracy and armed robbery at sea to drug smuggling, war and terrorism.

He previously worked in the National Maritime College of Ireland as a research project manager and has also worked across the spectrum of risk management consulting, having worked in East and West Africa before being currently based in France. Anthony Clay is a former US Navy Surface Warfare Officer, serving all over the world, with specialties in security and operations. He is currently serving in a civilian role as a strategic planner for the DoD.

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Books and media mentioned during the episode, and suggestions for further research on this topic:

  • The Pirates of Somalia: Inside Their Hidden World (Jay Bahadur)
  • The New Pirates: Modern Global Piracy from Somalia to the South China Sea (Andrew Palmer)
  • Political Geographies of Piracy (Gilmer & VandeBerg)
  • Maritime Cybersecurity (Gary C Kessler PhD & Steven D Shepard PhD)

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The host:

Lewis Sage-Passant is a Doctoral Researcher in the field of intelligence and former Military Intelligence Officer with extensive experience working and living in the Middle East and North Africa and Asia Pacific regions in a variety of geopolitical analysis, security & conflict risk and threat intelligence roles. Lewis specialises in geopolitical intelligence support to the oil & gas industry, the financial sector and leading technology firms.

The production team:

Producer: Edwin Tran

Researcher: Alex Smith

Additional credit goes to several unnamed members of the Encyclopedia Geopolitica team, as well as our colleagues in the intelligence and security community who helped to make this podcast possible

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