How Will Fossil Fuel-Aligned Voters Respond To ‘Headlines in Search Of Policy’?

Credit: galen-crout-0ZGLna-unsplash

With the recent indictment of former President Donald Trump, and with the prospect of more to come, the political waters of the country appear to be at their best muddied, at least for the Republican camp that has been a key backer of the oil and gas industry for decades, reports SP Global.

The fifth largest installer of wellheads

S&P Global Commodity Insights senior journalist John Siciliano spoke with Dan Eberhart, the CEO of Canary, the fifth largest installer of wellheads in the US, about how the 2024 presidential race is shaping up. On the podcast, Eberhart also delves into his concerns about challenges at the local level as more states are upping restrictions on hydraulic fracturing, which could make it harder to operate in parts of the country where Canary has seen the most success. He also addresses the future of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and provides his insights on the Environmental Protection Agency’s recently released clean car rules.

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Source: SP Global