HSFO Remains Most Affordable Fuel Option


  • HSFO continues to dominate as the most cost-effective bunker fuel alternative in major ports like Singapore and Rotterdam, outpricing LNG and cleaner blends by significant margins.
  • Bio-bunker demand remains sluggish in Singapore, while VLSFO prices show stability in both Rotterdam and Singapore.
  • Meanwhile, LNG prices have seen minor fluctuations due to supply concerns and weak demand.

In the dynamic landscape of bunker fuel pricing, HSFO retains its position as the most economical option for vessels in key ports. This snapshot provides insights into the pricing dynamics of various bunker fuel alternatives, shedding light on trends and fluctuations affecting the maritime industry.

HSFO – The Cost-Effective Choice

HSFO maintains its status as the most affordable bunker fuel, offering substantial savings compared to LNG and cleaner blends like VLSFO. With prices significantly lower by over $200/mt than cleaner alternatives, HSFO remains a favorable option for vessels equipped with scrubbers, particularly in ports like Singapore and Rotterdam.

LNG – A Close Competitor

Despite HSFO’s dominance, LNG emerges as a competitive alternative, offering cost savings compared to cleaner blends like VLSFO. While LNG prices have seen minor fluctuations, they remain relatively stable in major ports like Rotterdam and Singapore, presenting a viable option for vessels considering cleaner fuel alternatives.

Biofuels – Sluggish Demand Persists

Bio-bunker demand continues to lag, with prices showing signs of instability in Rotterdam. While Singapore’s bio-bunker prices have remained steady, overall demand remains sluggish in the spot market. Supply concerns and fluctuating prices of biofuel types contribute to the subdued demand for bio-bunkers among maritime stakeholders.

HSFO continues to dominate as the most cost-effective bunker fuel option, while LNG emerges as a close competitor. Bio-bunker demand remains subdued, reflecting ongoing challenges in transitioning towards cleaner fuel alternatives in the maritime sector.

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Source: Engine Online