Huangpu Wenchong Delivers 5,000m3 LPG Carrier

Credits: Ojas Narappanawar/ Pexels

CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding delivered the first 5,000m3 LPG carrier “HONG JIA” to Tianjin Southwest Maritime in advance, says an article published on Xindemarinenews.

Superior operational economy

The ship is 99.95 meters long, with a width of 17.4 meters and a depth of 8.0 meters. It uses a low-speed two-stroke engine and is equipped with a shaft engine, further reducing fuel consumption and achieving superior operational economy.

At the same time, the ship can meet the requirements of EEDI Phase Ⅲ, making it very environmentally friendly.

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Source: Xindemarinenews