Hull Monitoring Software Unveiled to Improve Ship Efficiency


A new hull monitoring service will assist ship operators to improve vessel efficiency and scheduling of drydockings. Cargotec Corp subsidiary Navis has added a hull monitor module to its Bluetracker fleet performance management software.

Hull Monitor tracks the degradation of the performance of a ship’s hull and propeller affected by biological fouling and damage. The module measures changes in ship speed and accounts for factors that affect these calculations, such as weather conditions.

Ship managers and owners can access data from ongoing ship operations. They can determine the optimum time for maintenance on the hull, based on these performance calculations and can use the information to order drydocking for hull cleaning, coatings or modifications.

Owners and managers can also react to exceptionally high-speed losses or changes to the hull outside of their defined limits, such as from damage due to a vessel grounding.

Navis general manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Guenter Schmidmeir, said Bluetracker Hull Monitor “contributes to boosting the confidence of ship managers in the accuracy of the outer skin and propeller performance statistics”.

Mr Schmidmeir added: “Shipowners and managers can use the collection of the hull’s lifetime data to monitor the adaptive regression and define suitable hull maintenance events exactly when maintenance is needed.”

“They also can verify the performance effect of the taken measurements. The software module includes plausibility checks and automatic notification if the data deviates from the defined standard to ensure a reliable data quality.”

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Source: Marine Electronics & Communications


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