Hurricane Condition WHISKEY Retained


  • Hurricane Condition WHISKEY remained in effect in the ports of Fernandina and Jacksonville.
  • The latest National Hurricane Center forecast predicted the Hurricane Michael’s closest approach to northeast Florida and southeast Georgia on Wednesday.
  • Tropical Storm Conditions are possible as early as Tuesday evening and expected through Thursday.

The ports of Jacksonville and Fernandina remain open with no restrictions. It is important that they monitor the storm development as well as prepare for potential changes in Port Hurricane Conditions.

Check the Weather Conditions

It is advised to review the heavy weather plans and make any preparations necessary to safeguard your vessels and/or facilities.

Maritime interests are reminded that there are no “safe havens” identified within the ports of Jacksonville and Fernandina for a vessel to safely survive tropical storm force winds, or storm surges without creating a threat to the safety of the port and public welfare. All ships should coordinate and plan with regards to their evasion plan. Masters should take early and decisive action to ensure the safety of their vessels and crews.

Port Surveillance

The Captain of the Port does not anticipate setting Hurricane Condition X-Ray at this time, but will continue to monitor Hurricane Michael’s track and revise actions as needed. If higher port conditions are set, vessels desiring to remain in port during the storm must request and receive permission.

All remain in port requests must be submitted to the Remain in Port Liaison Officer (RIPLO) at [email protected]

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Source: GAC


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