Hydrex Underwater Scrubber Sea Chest Installation


Hydrex recently installed sea chests on two sister vessels. The Hydrex team installed overboard discharge boxes in the hull plating of these tankers during their stop in Rijeka, Croatia, says an article published on Hydrex website.

Installation of sea chest

The wide range of Hydrex maintenance and repair services includes the on-site installation of additional sea chests required for the intakes and outlets of scrubbers or other purposes.

These afloat installations are performed by installing a cofferdam on the hull.

Hydrex in scrubber retrofit

Hydrex can help when going to drydock is not an option, if the scrubber equipment is not available yet during docking or if the scrubber system needs to be installed before the next scheduled docking.

The company is able to carry out the installation of sea chests while your vessel stays afloat and in some cases during cargo operations, depending on the ship’s schedule.

What is the procedure?

First the double bottom tank has to be declared gas free. Once this is done Hydrex divers install a cofferdam on the outside of the hull. The tailor-made cofferdam is designed and constructed by the company’s R&D department.

  • The exact measurements of the area where the sea chest is to be installed is taken in advance. This is done to ensure the cofferdam perfectly fits the rounded shape of the hull.
  • The team then will crop an opening in the shell plating where the sea chest needs to be installed. Hydrex certified welders then install the sides of the box.
  • Next the discharge pipe and valve will be connected to the side of the box and the top of the chest will be fitted. With this the interior part of the operation gets completed.
  • The cofferdam will then be removed and an inlet/outlet grid will be installed in the hull. This can also be done from the inside, before closing the sea chest if required.

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Source: Hydrex


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