Hydrogen as an Instrument of Decarbonization


  • GAC Norway has signed to play a major role in the Norwegian hydrogen energy project. 

  • A step towards sustainability and decarbonization.

  • NORCE, a leading independent research institute, has taken up the project.

    This initiative will help to increase the knowledge, and improves methodologies and innovations for the production of hydrogen energy, said in an article on gac.com

Why this initiative?

      GAC Norway will leverage the wider GAC Group’s experience and expertise in low carbon and sustainable bunker fuels to support the HyValue initiative for the development of strategies for the storage, handling, and bunkering of hydrogen in maritime applications.

     It will assist with the development of maritime logistics and supply chain mechanisms, also understanding regulations and financial incentives to promote the advantages of hydrogen as an alternative fuel source for shipping.

    “We will draw on the valuable experience we have gained working with scientists, large-scale research organizations, and major maritime partners to support this important initiative,” says Ole Fredrik Torpe, GAC Norway’s Quality, Training, and Development Officer.

    The maritime industry continues its drive towards decarbonization and the International Maritime Organisation’s goal of halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, hydrogen is proving to be the alternative fuel of choice for shipowners around the world.

    Hydrogen provides a greener alternative to traditional bunker fuels as it can be produced renewable, also it is carbon and sulfur-free, and will disperse organically in the event of a leak.

    Several major oil and gas players are investing in hydrogen production projects in Europe and Asia. However, It needs to develop large-scale storage and handling facilities for hydrogen as it must be compressed into a liquid and kept under high pressure for use as a fuel.

    The Group’s global network combined with GAC Bunker Fuels’ strong relationships with fuel suppliers and ports, means the leading role in the supply of alternative and sustainable fuels, including hydrogen.

    “GAC Bunker Fuels has pledged zero oil-based bunker sales by 1 January 2030,” says Nicholas Browne, Global Director of GAC Bunker Fuels.

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Source: gac.com


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