Hyundai Box Ships To Get Scrubbers With New Compact Configuration


Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) ordered TWELVE 23,000-TEU containerships which will be fitted with scrubbers, reports Ship&Bunker.

Continued Scrubber trend

From early sightings of Hyundai Merchant Marine’s latest mega-boxship, the owner looks to be continuing the trend of big ships opting to use scrubbers, but with a new compact configuration of the tech.

Asides from installing scrubbers on the twelve 23,000-TEU vessels, HMM will fit scrubbers on a further eight 15,000-TEU containerships to be built at Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI).

What are the differences?

Those differences include a “far more compact scrubber” in a “normal sized funnel”, it said.

The 23,000+ teu capacity ship is currently under construction at South Korea’s DSME shipyard, and is one of 12 similar vessels the owner has on order for delivery in H1 2020.

Post 2020 HSFO market 

If nothing else, the development reinforces the narrative that it is the very largest ships that are being fitted with scrubbers, which in turn supports the idea that, while the number of ships featuring the technology may be small as a percentage of the global fleet, the volume of HSFO bunkers they consume in the post-2020 market will be significant.

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Source: Ship&Bunker


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