Hyundai & Naver To Partner For Digital Transformation


  • HD Hyundai Co. announced on Monday that it signed a business agreement with Naver Corp. for digital transformation (DX), cloud transformation, and artificial intelligence (AI) commercialization.
  • The two companies plan to work together on HD Hyundai’s cloud transformation, support for utilizing Naver’s large language model (LLM) AI HyperCLOVA X, infrastructure enhancement for the cloud business, and promoting digital applications for HD Hyundai Marine Solution.
  • HD Hyundai will implement generative AI (GenAI) services by applying HyperCLOVA X to its extensive shipbuilding and maritime database of over 200 million records.

HD Hyundai and Naver have teamed up to integrate Naver’s generative AI technology into management of HD Hyundai’s database to stimulate digital innovation within the shipbuilding and maritime sectors, reports the Korea Economic Daily.

MoU for digital transformation

HD Hyundai, Korea’s largest shipbuilder, and Naver, the country’s largest internet company, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Monday at a meeting attended by HD Hyundai Vice Chairman Chung Ki-sun and Naver CEO Choi Soo-yeon.

Under the MOU, HD Hyundai will incorporate Naver’s HyperClova X, its own large language model, into its database that contains more than 200 million shipbuilding and maritime records. The partnership aims to transform the extensive information held by HD Hyundai into big data using Naver Cloud and subsequently share it with shipowners. AI then will employ deep learning to provide shipowners with optimal navigation routes in various environments.

In line with this, the two firms are gearing up to launch of the “Meta Ocean Data Cloud,” a comprehensive ocean data platform built on Naver Cloud, in the first half of the year. The two companies will also explore new business opportunities within the shipbuilding and shipping domains.

HD Hyundai Marine Solutions, an affiliate of HD Hyundai specializing in maritime matters, aims to leverage the data collected through the Meta Ocean Data Cloud to offer shipowners more efficient and environmentally friendly routes. This involves replicating ship operations in the cloud and offering navigation efficiency consulting through simulations. Additionally, Hyundai Marine Solutions plans to use Naver’s technology to develop chatbots to assist with ship and engine after-service inquiries.

Naver’s stable cloud infrastructure and proven AI technology will act as a driving force in accelerating HD Hyundai’s vision of ‘Ocean Transformation’,” said HD Hyundai CEO Chung. “Team Naver will continue to be the premier partner in aiding diverse companies with their digital transitions,” said Naver CEO Choi.

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Source: The Korea Economic Daily