Hyundai Spinoff Firm Sail Into Autonomous Boat Market


Avikus, a unit of South Korea’s leading shipbuilding group, HD Hyundai, has commercialized its Level 2 autonomous navigation system for the first time in the shipbuilding industry, reports the Korean Bizwire.

Level 2 autonomous navigation solution

Avikus has signed a deal with two domestic firms — SK Shipping Co. and Sinokor Merchant Marine Co. — to gradually supply the Level 2 autonomous navigation solution to 23 ships operated by the shippers, the company said in a statement.

The deep learning-based HiNAS 2.0 system will allow a vessel to respond to unexpected situations on its own. Controlling speed, avoiding collisions and minimizing fuel consumption will also be possible in the system, it said.

Level 2 technology

There are four levels in autonomous navigation technologies approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). In the Level 2 technology, crew members need to be on board to intervene in case of an emergency situation.

Level 3 technology

A Level 3 vessel does not require crew members and the remote-control system is available in case of an emergency. At Level 4, a boat’s automated features can navigate under any conditions.

Level 2 system for leisure boats

The autonomous navigation system market is currently in its infant stage, and Avikus is aiming to sell the Level 2 system for leisure boats starting next year, the statement said.

Avikus has sold 220 units of the Level 1 system, mostly to overseas shippers that operate high-end commercial ships, such as container carriers and liquefied natural gas (LNG) ships.

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Source: The Korean Bizwire 


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