I-Team: Undeclared Dangerous Goods Pose Risk To Cargo Ships

Credits: Guillaume Bolduc/Unsplash

Ninety percent of traded goods are shipped by sea and 10% contain what is called dangerous goods, reports CBS News quoting the World Shipping Council.

Dangerous goods/hazmat cargo

Dangerous goods or hazmat cargo can be anything from explosives and chemicals to paint and lithium-ion batteries. Regulations require a manifest of what is inside the containers that are being shipped and that the goods are properly packed. When the rules are followed, shipments usually arrive safely.

Rich McLoughlin is an engineer and the Head of Maritime Engagement at Safetytech Accelerator a Llyod’s Register company. He tells the I-Team ship captains are seeing cargo fires on their vessels roughly occurring at the rate of one a week, and any of these incidents has the potential for significant loss of life, loss of property, and damage to the environment.

Recently, a number of serious incidents on container ships sparked widespread industry concern about the high-risk cargo, and what can be done to make it safer.

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Source: CBS News