IACS Issues Cyber Resilience Guidance


The International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) published its Recommendation on Cyber Resilience, that applies to all the networks onboard a system that makes use of digital communication to interconnect systems, says a press release published on their website.

Cyber Resilience Recommendation

The single, standalone Recommendation consolidates IACS’ previous 12 Recommendations related to cyber resilience. For more information please click here

This standalone recommendation applies to the use of computer-based systems which provides control, alarm, monitoring, safety or internal communication functions which are subject to the requirements of a classification society.

An era of digitalization

The newly launched Recommendation applies to all the networks onboard a system that make use of digital communication to interconnect systems within the ship and ship systems which can be accessed by equipment or networks off the ship.

Being cyber resilient in a fully-digitalized era is a hard thing to do.

How to be cyber resilient?

The Regulation therefore provides information about 

  • guidelines and standards, 
  • terms and definitions, 
  • goals for design and construction, 
  • functional requirements, 
  • technical requirements and 
  • verification testing.

What is Resilience?

The purpose of this recommendation is also to provide technical requirements to stakeholders which would lead to delivery of cyber resilient ships, whose resilience can be maintained throughout their service life.  

Resilience, in this context, is meant as a characteristic that provides crew and ships the capabilities to effectively cope with cyber incidents occurring on computer-based systems onboard which contribute to operate and maintain the ship in a safe condition.

Robert Ashdown, IACS Secretary General, said that:

“The network design forms the basis for a reliable and robust network. Issues such as compatibility of various devices, communication between devices, communication from various systems and sub systems, need due consideration during design phase.  This Recommendation is an important step in addressing cyber resilience from the earliest stages of a vessel’s life.”

IMO’s Resolution supported

Moreover, the Regulation supports IMO’s Resolution MSC.428(98), which requires cyber risks to be addressed in safety management systems by 1 January 2021.

To learn more about the “Recommendation on Cyber Resilience” click here.

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Source: IACS


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