IBIA & BIMCO Launch Bunker Licensing Scheme Survey


IBIA, with support from BIMCO, is launching an online survey to identify to which extent the maritime industry believes there is a need for wider adoption of bunker licensing schemes and mass flow metering (MFM) to improve market conditions, reports Safety4sea.

Effective bunker licencing schemes

In a bid to improve transparency in the bunker industry, in order to minimise scope for malpractice and reduce disputes over the quantity and quality of fuels supplied to ships, both IBIA and BIMCO are working for effective bunker licencing schemes, preferably introducing mass flow meters, to be implemented in bunker hubs around the world.

IBIA formed the IBIA Bunker Licensing & MFM Working Group in 2021 to identify key elements of bunker licensing programmes:

IBIA’s ambition is to create greater alignment and transparency across bunker ports and strengthen the credibility of our industry by the use of MFM,” said IBIA Chairman Henrik Zederkof, who was instrumental in getting this initiative underway.

What is a bunker licence? 

A bunker licence sets the conditions to allow bunker suppliers and bunker barge providers to operate within a specific jurisdiction. It will specify certain minimum requirements to obtain and keep permission to operate within the jurisdiction covered by the bunker licence.

The specific requirements may vary but an effective bunker licensing program is intended to make sure that the licence holders meet the minimum requirements set out in the licence, and that failure to comply will have severe consequences.

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Source: Safety4sea


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