IBIA’s CII Regulation Assessment And Sustainable Shipping Efforts


  • IBIA’s assessment of the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) operational energy efficiency rating reveals challenges for bunker vessels in achieving compliance, particularly in enhancing operational energy efficiency to meet the required C rating.
  • With expectations of strengthened CII requirements post-2026, IBIA plans to submit a draft document to MEPC 82 in October, urging members to contribute data and information by April 30.

The Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) is an operational index applicable to cargo, RoPax, and cruise ships above 5,000 GT, assessing their efficiency in transporting cargo based on the Annual Efficiency Ratio (AER). This ratio measures carbon emissions per cargo-carrying capacity and nautical mile, with ships rated from A to E based on their performance levels, subject to increasingly stringent thresholds towards 2030.

Collaborative Effort for Alternative Fuels Study

IBIA, along with IPIECA, OCIMF, and the Canadian Fuels Association, is undertaking a joint study to analyze the dynamics of alternative fuels production and supply for maritime use. This collaborative effort aims to address challenges in deploying alternative fuels in the shipping industry, with findings expected to inform future policies and initiatives, to be presented at MEPC 82 in October.

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Source: Safety4sea