If You Don’t Get Updated, You Will Get Outdated


We are all aware of huge strides made by artificial intelligence. This technology is making huge inroads in our day to day activities, taking over many of the human functions and, in fact, doing far better than human effort.

Please find below a list of new developments which is primarily making improvements in the five senses, namely, the sense of touch, the sense of sight, the sense of sound, the sense of taste and the sense of smell.

Brief description of the advancements made by AI in these areas will update us on what the future could be.

1. Under the sense of sight one could include facial recognition technology. There are some weaknesses and these are being plugged so that this technology can be used in lieu of passports, scans etc. etc. to identify an individual. Robots use a neural network that chews and digests data from a vast library of images and text.

This system could be used to generate visual versions of textbooks or photo realistic movies from a script.

2. Under the sense of taste the sensor array is placed like a lime wedge on the rim of a glass. This array gathers voltage readings from the liquid. This information is digitized and sent to the cloud for analysis. The cloud uses submission learning to identify the liquid displaying the results on a smartphone app.

3. Under the sense of hearing robots differentiate sound signatures of objects, helping them to detect hidden defects in products on an assembly line or even contents of an unopened package. Neural networks can isolate a single voice in a crowd and identify and separate this sound. Neural networks are trained to distinguish between voices and noise
and to separate and focus on the voice of the main speaker, suppressing all other surrounding noises.

4. Under the sense of smell which is now possible to predict how people will react to a fragrance before they smell it. Machine Learning is used in this technology. The system can be used to discover natural replacements for toxic or harsh chemicals without consumers noticing the difference. Biosensors and Machine Learning or combined to identify and differentiate between odors with unique digital signatures. A massive database of previously analyzed traits such as rancidity, fruity or vinegary can pick out specific fragrances. Fake perfumes such as fake Channel 5 can be identified.

5. Under the sense of touch it is important that the production line robots handle packages or machinery parts with optimum pressure in holding. Too much pressure can damage and too little may allow the part to slip and fall down. A database of millions of tactile visual pairings are gathered and this is used to train the AI models to come up with the optimum touch pressure. Robotic arms with gel pad that can be pressed into the object to gauge their texture and shape. The grip pressure is then adjusted.

It will not be long before all the above Advanced Technology gadgets will take over more and more of what used to be human effort. Let us get updated so that we don’t get outdated.

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