IG Launches COVID-19 Restrictions Online Tracker


The International Group launched a digital tool, to assist shipowners with information on country and port specific advice around the world, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, says an article published in their website.

The online digital tool 

The International Group has launched a new online digital tool (dashboard) to assist shipowners, charterers, operators and other parties in the maritime sector to deal with COVID-19 pandemic.

The dashboard assists the personnel in the maritime sector to track country and port specific advice, detailing the measures being put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Operational consequences 

To curb COVID-19 spread, some ports and countries across the globe are implementing measures that are causing significant operational consequences for all parties engaged in the maritime sector.

Publicly accessible online dashboard 

To overcome the difficulties, the 13 member P&I Clubs of the International Group have launched a publicly accessible online dashboard to facilitate the dissemination of port and country specific COVID-19 restrictions.  

About the tool 

  • This interactive tool will allow industry to identify commercial risks and physical threats to shipping around the world.
  • Provide live updates as to the number of confirmed cases of the virus, countries at risk and what to look out for.  
  • The tool sources data from-
    • all 13 International Group Clubs,
    • the International Maritime Organization (IMO),
    • World Health Organization (WHO) and
    • other leading sources, which can also assist ships with chartering, operations and help prepare staff for what to expect when arriving in port.

Access to the dashboard

Access to this online dashboard is available by means of either of the following links:

Link to Desktop Dashboard

Link to Mobile Dashboard

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Source: IGP&I


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